RJLL Partnership

NUVUMIUT Development

The RJLL drilling team renewed the partnership with Nuvumiut Development (formerly Bradley/Nuvumiut). This joint venture will allow us to extend our territory of activities up to Nunavik, which represents a golden opportunity for both sides. We would especially like to thank our partners Lukasi Pilurtuut and Lukasi Tukirqi from Kangiqsujuaq as well as Johnny Alaku and Donald Cameron from Salluit for their involvement in signing this partnership agreement to secure drilling contracts in the region.

RJLL Partnership

ASSIBI Industries

RJLL drilling and Assibi concluded a partnership which will aim to create a link between the drilling world and the Anishnabe Nation of Lac Simon so that it can take part of the drilling activities on their territory. With this agreement we wish to favorize hiring, training and develop labour in the community. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with Assibi for years to come.